About Erik

168673_192375847455175_6803384_nErik Eisele is a writer, climber and guide.

Erik has spent the last decade working for newspapers and other media outlets as both a staff writer/editor and freelancer. He’s worked with NPR, had stories in the Boston Globe and written columns cited by the New York Times editorial board. His career has found him embedded with U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Kuwait late in the Iraq War, interviewing countless presidential hopefuls courting New Hampshire Primary voters, and arguing Right-To-Know law in superior court. He currently writes ongoing weekly columns for two newspapers, the Conway Daily Sun and the Portland Phoenix.

unnamedIn addition to his media career Erik is also a climbing guide and professional athlete. Part of the Trango/Tenaya athlete team and a guide for Cathedral Mountain Guides, Erik has climbed technical peaks in the Peruvian Andes and the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, multiday bigwalls in Yosemite, ice and mixed routes in Canada and Scotland, sport climbs in Cuba, Mexico, Armenia, Peru, Spain and South Africa. He’s also climbed notable routes across the United States and has a list of first ascents around the Northeast. And his dedication to climbing extends beyond just taking trips: in 2012 he earned a Sharp End Award from the nonprofit Access Fund for his advocacy work in support of climbing area access protection.

dsc_2398Erik’s background also includes a portfolio of international work: besides his time reporting in Iraq and Kuwait Erik has led cultural exchange trips to Cuba, worked youth leadership development programs, literacy programs and volunteer service programs in Peru and Belize, and he’s partnered on international development projects in Mozambique. Most of his international work has an educational/environmental/conservation component, and almost all include some form of media production or media strategy consultation. He’s traveled to, worked in, climbed in and written about more than 20 countries.

Erik’s also strives to bring that educational focus home through his writing and by volunteering in classrooms and giving talks on his travels and the importance of adventure, exploration and positive risk-taking. His presentations to schools, libraries, community groups and private events highlight the intersection between adventure, travel and meaningful work and how their intertwining can create a fulfilling life.

I love the world and am always looking for new ways to explore. My passion for people and our planet often lead my choices, and the result is a path built day-by-day. I never know what expect. My job, I figure, is to follow that wherever it leads.

— Erik Eisele


3 thoughts on “About Erik

  1. Hey there! It’s Gretchen from
    MECA drawing class. Thanks for the deep thoughts last week. Did me a world of good, how about you? Let’s stay in touch, drawing group or otherwise.
    I hope you find what you’re (not) looking for.

  2. 7 June 2017-Passing through N Conway, read article ‘Rising Before Darkness’… You are the most erudite & accurate writer with prescience not shown by any others. My parents worked through WWII in England. Stay on this track. Living in Australia currently.

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