Entrepreurial Spirit in Hard Times

Berlin usually lives in a different time than the rest of the county. In the last year the country has caught up to Berlin, but for a long time the two were speaking different languages.
Money flowed freely around the U.S. for the last decade, but not in Berlin. The mill has been gone for years, and crowded streets, secure jobs and a thriving city went with it.
The first drive through the city it looks dead, but that cursory view is incomplete. Go to city council meetings, and walk around town, and it feels like everyone 18 to 40 has left, but that impression isn’t right either.
There are businesses, started and run by 20 and 30-somethings, that are trying to pull Berlin out of its malaise. They are struggling yet surviving in this city that has brought down so many. They are the shoots of grass after the forest fire.
I’m working on profiling these success stories in the Berlin Reporter. The first installment will be next week. It will be a conversation with Stacia Roberge of Rumorz Boutique. In the coming weeks there’ll be profiles of the TexMex Cafe, across from city hall, Seventh Street Graphics, the owners of the movie theater and more. There are failures in Berlin, but there are success stories as well. It is important to notice them, to see what the city and its residents can do to support the young entrepreneurs trying to lift the city up. So stay tuned, and check out the Berlin Reporter.

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