Mr. Anonymous

To Anyone and Everyone:

I left the comment moderation on this blog open to anonymous comments because I am an advocate of free speech. It’s hard to work for a newspaper and not be. Anyone can add any viewpoint they want here without concern of censorship (clean language and pertinence to the conversation please). But I’m also in favor of learning to the Truth, as much as there is a truth with a capital “T.”
I urge anyone with a criticism about Berlin, its government, businesses, public servants or otherwise, to speak their mind here. It is valueable criticism, and I want to hear it. I use that background to generate stories for the Berlin Reporter. But please, if you are willing to leave a comment, be willing to leave enough information for people to make up their minds. If you aren’t, contact me. I will investigate your allegations and find out the merit of the story. That’s what I’m here for. That’s what I’m paid to do. Is the fire chief too strict, or the code enforcement officer making up rules? If so, contact me. But simply saying they do, with out offering any names, instances, or evidence, doesn’t add to the conversation, and I can’t follow such vague allegations up.

Berlin Reporter telephone – 603 752 1200
Or Email – berlinreporter (at)

I’m not uncomfortable delving into challenging issues. If they are true, I’d like to expose them. But I can’t do anything with the anonymous comment left after Long Conversations. Who should I talk to? What evidence can I find? How am I supposed to use this information? There is nothing here I can use to make the system change. Please, if you’re serious, tell me more. Help me out. I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS.
The community newspaper is supposed to be the community advocate. It’s not for city government, or the police, or the fire department. I work for the best interest of the residents. Journalism is society’s watchdog, and I take that role seriously.
It is in the best interest of the residents that Berlin get back on its feet. If there is something standing in its way I would LOVE to get the tip that would help me expose it. But random bitching doesn’t help. Email me. Tell me who to talk to. Address the issues in your community and make it a better place.

I am in Berlin because I feel strongly that reporting can change communities, expose corruption, celebrate success and challenge injustice. I am here to be the people’s advocate. Help me. I can’t do it alone.

Thank you.

One thought on “Mr. Anonymous

  1. You’re doing the right things. You are talking to people and asking questions. Sorting it all out can be the tricky part. There are ample stories of businesses up and down Main Street that feel they were unreasonably treated when it comes to code enforcement. I am not a reporter, but it was not too difficult to follow the trail. It is important to stress that neither I nor any of those business owners that I spoke to advocate for relaxing the codes. Many codes can be interpreted in many ways. But it is the personality of the person making those interpretations that can make or break a deal. Their actions have consequences that ultimately affect everyone. Both good and bad. You are doing a great job. Keep it up.

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