Mayor and Council, 2010

As of early this afternoon, the following people had signed up to run in the 2009 Berlin municipal election:

Mayor — seat currently held by David Bertrand

David Bertrand
Paul Grenier

Ward 1 — seat currently held by Ryan Landry

Beverly Ingersoll

Ward 2 — seat currently held by Richard Lafleur

Robert Danderson

Ward 3 — seat currently held by Ronald Goudreau

Paul Cusson
Michael Rozek

Ward 4 — seats currently held by Timothy Cayer and David Poulin

Timothy Cayer

Normally I would leave this for an article in the Reporter, but registration closes at 4 p.m. on Monday. The paper doesn’t come out until Wednesday, and by then people won’t be able to sign up. Berlin needs residents to get involved to make substantive change happen. If the community is really invested in creating a new future, there should be five people running for every seat.

If you know someone who cares about Berlin, tell them to run. And if anyone needs help catching up on the last five months of city council affairs, I’m happy to talk about it, just give me a call. In that time I’ve built a solid understanding of how things work in the council, and I don’t think anyone should be intimidated by city government. It is a chance to make a real difference, give it a shot.

Register with the city clerk by 4 p.m. on Monday, October 5. City clerk’s office—first floor of city hall, on the right. Give them a call: 603 752-2340, or check them out here.

2 thoughts on “Mayor and Council, 2010

  1. It appears as though the slate of candidates running in this election is looking to change the direction of City Hall towards support of biomass in downtown Berlin. Paul Grenier, Paul Cusson & Boob Danderson are all very big LLEG supporters. Could this spell the end of a new & brighter future for Berlin? Tune back in after the November elections to find out.

  2. I think Berlin is at the crossroads and, who is elected will determine if we embrace the future with optimism and resolve or if we go back and attempt to recreate the negative of the past. I place my hope in the collective wisdom of the citizens.

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