New Look, Same Story

I did a little work to the site over the weekend, trying to make it look a little more spiffy. I must admit, because of the weather I missed Riverfire. The photo at the top of the page is from the preparations for the event; I’m disappointed I didn’t get to watch those pallets burn.

If anyone has any good photos please send them to me, I’ll put them up and give you credit. I am planning on checking out the lumberjack festival tomorrow, although it is still raining and the forecast doesn’t look good.

I spent a good chunk of today trying to force a coherent story out of all the conversations I’ve been having recently centered on renewable energy. CPD and the PUC and PSNH and Laidlaw all will be in there, and I’m hoping I shoehorn them into one magnificent piece. The subject is fascinating to me, not having the backstory residents lived or the same long-term investment in the community. But I have to say the PUC doesn’t win any open-government awards for how they answered my questions—not because they didn’t answer them, but because how they answered them. Glad they aren’t regulating my electric provider…Oh, wait. DAMN!

So look for that Wednesday. I won’t bore you with it here; it’s best read on newsprint anyway.

2 thoughts on “New Look, Same Story

  1. Erik,Here's a business plan for you:1.Buy the Berlin Reporter. (As in buy the entire paper, not just a copy.)2.Change publish day to Monday.(No Daily Sun, be 1st to report Thurs-fri-sat news)3.Make it FREE. (they can't be making much money on it after store margin… what's .25 x 1,000?)4.Act as journalist AND editor- save $$.5.Readership will increase 10 fold, increase ad prices accordingly- make $$.I said it the other day at city hall….your the best journalist around…too bad nobody reads your paper. This could change that.Ryan Landry

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