Conversation with Mayor Bertrand

I talked to Mayor David Bertrand about his bid for reelection and his stances on the issues in contrast to Paul Grenier’s. A story about it will be in an upcoming paper, but I shot video of the conversation I thought might be worth posting here. It is incomplete and unedited, but it gives voters an idea of his stance on the issues. I’m shooting with a Panasonic Lumix LX3, which only shoots in 10 minute segments, so that’s why there appear to be two edits in the middle of the video. And I didn’t want to stop the conversation after I ran out of space on the card, so I only got the first 1/2 hour of our talk. I don’t know many people who would want to watch more than that anyway. The quality is also pretty low—I have a better version, but blogger won’t allow the large file. Enjoy.

Because I interviewed Mr. Grenier over the telephone I do not have video of our conversation. I will see if I can talk to him again and capture it, because he should be afforded an equal opportunity to voice his views. The more information I can get up here the better; informed voters are in the best interest of the city.

Along the same lines, on October 28 the Reporter will be hosting a mayoral debate in conjunction with the Berlin Daily Sun. It will be in the city hall auditorium at 6:30 p.m. It will be a chance for voters to come hear, meet and talk to the people hoping to represent them over the next two or four years. The main attraction will be Mr. Bertrand and Mr. Grenier answering questions about their views on the future of the city, but there will also be a chance for people running for council to speak. Hopefully lots of people will come to learn the positions of some of the less well known candidates. So please come out and get to know who you’re voting for. It’s likely to be a very close, very important election.

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