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I’ve had several people tell me I should restrict comments from anonymous people. I don’t want to do that, because I don’t like imposing restrictions on ideas. during tense debates, however, like are occurring this election season, commenters call people liars and thieves without signing their name. That is a sad. Everything I write has my name on it. Matt Borowski and Jon Edwards stridently disagree on politics in Berlin, but both men have the decency to sign their posts. The Internet has given people anonymity, which doesn’t help improve the discourse. Don’t be a coward and post without signing; stand behind your convictions and let us know who you are. Mr. Borowski has, and so has Mr. Edwards. Mr. Grenier has, and so has Mr. Bertrand. These people are willing to attach a name to their comments, whether they are online or in city hall. Before you jump to criticize their beliefs ask whether you’d be willing to do it publicly. If not, don’t do it, either out in the world or online.

I feel like a middle school teacher who has to occasionally quiet the class. There are great debates going on in Berlin. I’d like to have them go on here too, without the dead weight brought by a few individuals.

To everyone engaging in the great discussions: thank you.

7 thoughts on “Anonymous Posters

  1. Though, if you think about it, much of what is going on behind closed doors at the state level is behind closed doors full of anonymous groups and people, isn't it? Jon Edwards,%20MEMOS/09-067%202009-10-15%20OCA%27s%20ltr%20will%20be%20participating.PDF

  2. I do speak publicly to my friends & neighbors about how poorly the City will be run if Mr. Grenier and Mr. Danderson are elected to office. That does not mean that I want to sign my posts here on this blog. If you feel that strongly about this issue then I agree that you should ban all anonymous posts. It is obvious to those that have reviewed the facts the Mr. Bertrand is the best choice for Mayor. That doesn't mean that the people of Berlin will have the collective wisdom to re-elect him to office. November 4th will be an interesting day in the history of Berlin. We either move forward toward a more positive future, or our future will be destroyed forever. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is probably the most critical election in the history of the City. I’ve lived here all my life and it is clear to me that this election marks a turning point, for better or worse.

  3. And this sort of thought out, constructive comments left by anonymous people don't bother me. It's the haters that annoy me. Constructive criticism is great. Just don't hate on my blog and we'll all be happy.And Jon, my job is to open up those political dealings, so I'm not about to have double standards for them.Thanks for commenting.

  4. Once again, the Berlin Reporter shines…..Having just got home from work at 7am on Wednesday morning, I went to the Irving Station at the corner of Pleasant and Green Streets, and pick up my copy of the Berlin Reporter. (I already had my copy of the Berlin Daily Sun as co-worker always brings in a small stack with her on her way into work at 6:30 every day.)Reading the two stories in regards to the city council meeting on Monday night, I have to once again congratulate Erik on accuracy of not just information, but accuracy on attitude and feelings….. The article is factual on both sides of the issue and gives the reader an accurate and detailed description of events, but also a great sense of what it was like in the room…….. nice work Erik.Unfortunately, I put my business plan of a few weeks ago to the test…..and conducted an experiment. While sitting in the warm confines of my running car directly in front of the entrance which was extremely busy with Berlin residents getting their "coffee,news,and gas fix….", I glanced at my watch and began to count off 5 minutes…..and what I saw was very disappointing……26 people came out of that store with copies of the (free) Berlin Daily Sun, most of them reading headlines as they walked, but others with it held loosely or folded in one hand….. while I only counted 4 with the Berlin Reporter. (I will admit that I could not clearly identify 3 people's choice, so I did not count those samples in my results…..)It appears that the 50 cent investment in the Berlin Reporter prevents 22 out of 26 (87% ?) of Berlin newsreaders from reading the best reporter in Berlin……keeping vital facts about the city out of readers (and voters) hands……Erik, I know you don't agree with my plan (you are right about Monday printing…bad idea) but it must be clear to someone that a paper with a subscription price (even a minimal one) simply doesn't get read a fraction as much as a freebie. Its sad really. Berlin residents are losing out. If the Berlin Reporter ever comes up for sale, I'm interested… (at the right price)Great job on the article. You represented the statements of both the council and previous councilors accurately….It is greatly appreciated. I'll comment on my political thoughts after some much needed sleep.Ryan Landry

  5. Erik, Very much appreciate your push toward opening up political dealings, and at the same time feel a need to notify Berlin that much of what is going on behind the scenes is anonymous in every sense of the word and all the more reason for city and citizens to intervene and/or get involved in any way possible. I was afraid those statistics might actually be reality, Ryan. Really too bad that $.50 makes such a difference. I hope you're getting a great many hits on this blog, Erik. It may be the outlet to getting the truth into the public more effectively than the paper you write for.Jon Edwards

  6. Ryan,I live in ward one and you are getting my vote. I hope that you win and I hope that the incumbents (in general) win as well. Grenier, Danderson, etc. represent the wrong direction for Berlin. I knew you in high school and I'm glad to see somebody of your relatively young age (and intelligence) getting your feet wet in City Hall politics. Keep up the good work. You represent all that is good about Berlin and its residents. I sincerely hope (for my children's sake) that the City is not ignorant enough to believe and buy into the rhetoric of Grenier & Danderson. If they get elected to office I sincerely will have lost all confidence in the collective wisdom of the people in this City. I fear the worst, but am hoping for the best. Good luck my friend. I’m putting the future of the City in your good hands with my vote!

  7. I appreciate the comment my (anonymous) friend…..and all the words of encouragement and support. I truly feel that this election is of great importance….. The ghosts of the past have clearly identified a cause that they can hide behind to work their way back into this city…. I understand the support that the Laidlaw Project has in this community…I understand why the residents of this community are willing to consider an industrial project of this magnitude smack dab in the middle of town while 90% of other communities would consider it crazy….it says a lot about the fabric of this town…. I truly do understand.What scares me is that the same people who voted Mayor Bertrand into office in a landslide just two short years ago on a platform for change have now grown inpatient…. Due to a poor national economy and a thirst for jobs, these very same people may in fact be willing to support a candidate based on one single issue, disregarding the clear track records of the past. Did Mr. Grenier think forward over the last 16 years as a councilor? Was he concerned with the future? Did he diversify the local economy in preparation of the slow, predictable death of the US paper industry? No, he didn't…he even stated he misses the mill…. he wants it back…. If he were thinking of the future during his 16 years we would not be in the position we are in now. Already we are seeing political spin and rhetoric from an admittedly seasoned politician who has jumped on a growing bandwagon and now claims to be the future…. If people are so pro Laidlaw and that is how they are going to vote, I would rather they contact their incumbent city officials and let them know how they feel…… they will listen….. instead of voting to let the past rear its ugly head…..I have the confidence that Berlin residents are smarter than that….that they have the ability to read between the lines…. I'm doing my best to spread the word…..but my fingers are crossed…I'm (admittedly) nervous.Thanks again for your support… please spread the word…. Berlin's future depends on it…..Ryan Landry

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