Sign of the Times

I just wanted to post a quick comment someone made this morning. I drove into town and noticed that many of the signs were missing for Paul Grenier, Michael Rozak Beverly Ingersoll and Robert Danderson. Because they were put up in groups they were hard to miss, but now as you drive into town there are empty wooden stakes sticking up everywhere. My first thought was someone had pulled off the signs—maybe a Bertrand supporter got aggressive and took matters into their own hands.
That thought was wrong, though; it was the weekend weather that did them in. As I drove on upper Main Street I saw four of the Vote Jobs signs, only two still on the stake. The other two were laying on the ground. Someone told me there are signs strewn across the city. I haven’t noticed them, but I have noticed all the empty stakes. In fact, I only saw one three-pronged Vote Jobs flower with all its pedals intact.
The Bertrand signs are still up, however, and so are new ones for Ryan Landry. I don’t know when the Landry signs went in, but the Bertrand ones withstood the weekend weather.

Here’s the comment worth posting: Someone said this morning the election should be decided by the quality of the election signs. I couldn’t help but laugh. What an interesting version of democracy that would make. Its foundation is a little shaky, having no roots in the Magna Carta, but it would be one way to choose officials.

Another week of elections ahead. Make sure you don’t miss the debate Wednesday night, and if you’ve got questions for candidates please send them in. Thanks.

Update: As I left city hall last night I noticed a number of the signs had been repaired or replaced.

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