Election Night

The election results should be announced by 8:30 p.m. tonight. LPJ will post the numbers immediately, and the Berlin Reporter will have a wrap-up tomorrow on their website. Again, because of the day of the week it won’t be in the print edition, but we’ll have the story the same time as the daily. In fact, if all you want are the numbers, LPJ will have them up by 9 p.m.

Sometimes makes you wonder how paper papers can last, with instant reporting capabilities.

In that vein, I’ll also put the results out on Twitter. Twitter is a great source for realtime news. Like right now, there is yet another old building coming down in the city. You can check out photos here. Right on Mason Street, one I wasn’t aware was coming down. I’m looking to find out some info, but without a doubt it adds one more positive sign to all those stirring around Berlin lately.

Update: The roof collapsed in the night and had to be torn down.

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