New Mayor

Paul Grenier wins the Berlin election for mayor.

Ward one—Ryan Landry
Ward two—Bob Danderson
Ward three—Mike Rozak
Ward four—David Poulin, 2 year; Tim Cayer, 4 year

6 thoughts on “New Mayor

  1. Congratulations to Paul Grenier, Tim Cayer, Bob Danderson, Mike Rosek, Ryan Landry and Dave Poulin. I look forward to a city council and economic development department working in harmony to move the city forward.Jon Edwards

  2. The City has spoken. It is time to welcome Laidlaw. While some of us may not agree, you cannot argue with the results.

  3. The city has spoken. One important detail seems to be in question, however. Laidlaw has proclaimed they have a power purchase agreement with PSNH, and PSNH is denying it. Now, Laidlaw's Bartoszek is threatening poor journalism, and threatening PSNH's past statements as proof of a power purchase agreement PSNH denies. Can we please start a new series to replace "House". Thanks.The city has spoken on a lie apparently. That can not mean Laidlaw should be welcomed unless the lie is not a lie, can it? The voters don't realize there is an absence of a power purchase agreement and voted largely on such an agreement already in place giving Laidlaw a leg up that they truly don't have. All will work out fine in the city, we just need to work together towards the best result. Congratulations to all, and we'll see you heavily on side lines as usual. Respectfully hanging in there for the citizens of Berlin. Jonathan Edwards

  4. A sad day for Berlin………we will once again be the laughing stock of Concord. Couple that with the fact that our State Senator is already considered a buffoon and things can only get worse. A slow steady progress would have been so much better than a huge step backward……

  5. Agreed. The clowns are back in office. This is proof positive that the voters in Berlin lack intelligence and is likely the reason why this City has been backwards for so many years. That may sound like an "elitist" statement but the fact of the matter remains that the most intelligent candidates did not win in this election. I had a friend say to me this morning that “we finally have change in City hall.” I just kind of laughed and walked away. To say that Grenier and Danderson is change is probably one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard come out of somebody’s mouth (although I didn’t waste my time correcting this individual). People in Berlin are pretty dumb. It is not difficult to understand why people in the southern part of the State don’t think too highly of us.

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