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The transcript is here. The LLEG press release is here. The discussion has already been going on under comment sections for other posts. Again, I don’t feel this is the most important issue for Berlin, but I know others disagree and they are welcome to comment here.

My original post, which got tons of comments, said, “what I’m hearing is that PSNH told the PUC they have no deal with Laidlaw. None. Zero.”
A direct quote from Mr. Bersak, PSNH’s representative at the PUC: “The status of PSNH’s relationship with Laidlaw: We have no contract with Laidlaw.” (Page 77)

My sources were reliable. What Mr. Bersak’s comment means in terms of future agreements is certainly debatable (as people are proving on here), but I’m happy to report I wasn’t spreading vicious lies and rumors.

Enjoy the discussion and try to keep it civil.

5 thoughts on “Laidlaw Stuff

  1. Laidlaw is a cancer upon Berlin. I'm going to enjoy the noise & dust and pollution coming out of the plant right out side my bed room window. Cliff, you interesting in buying my house now before the property value plummets. Eric, how about you? Are you interested in living next to an industrial moster for the rest of your life? Not the most important thing in Berlin you say. You'd say differently if you lived next to the property or had a business in downtown Berlin.

  2. Hi, I bought a house next to an enormous industrial plant and now I am crying that something might actually be made at that plant! I am shocked and appaled, how dare they use a plant, a massive industrial plant, or something…industrial?…

  3. You have nothing to fear. Rumor has it the biomass plant that was being proposed for that site will not be happening. It turns out it was only a twinkle in someone’s eye. Unfortunately in the process of sharing that twinkle with others a few of them bought into the silly idea and still believe it is going to happen. They are teasingly known as “kool-aid drinkers” because they believed the dream without ever understanding all the issues that stood in the way of it ever becoming reality. But rumor has it that it won’t be too much longer now before it becomes obvious to everyone that it will never be built. So you and everyone else who lives nearby can sleep well knowing that you won’t have to live near a noisy, polluting, ugly, oversized biomass plant. As happy as you are to hear that you are probably also wondering what will be built there? It appears no one knows right now, but I would guess it will be more fitting then a 66mw biomass plant and likely something that will raise your property value instead of holding it down. Hang in there and sleep well, I believe your nightmare may almost be over. 😉

  4. I suppose if it helps you sleep at night, then keep believing that Laidlaw will not build on the Burgess mill site.Reality will catch up to you quickly, so be on guard.

  5. On guard against what? A twinkle? Is that Laidlaw “quickly” or real world? Can you be more specific? Let’s start with a simple one, like when will the permit application be filed? This year or next year?

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