Stuck in the Snow

My job is weird and great. I was late to the police station today because I got caught behind a plow going over the notch, and now I’m kicking it outside White Mountain Community College poaching Internet, despite the fact they are closed for the holiday.
It’s guaranteed to be an interesting day in Berlin, with the council transition and all, but everything is closed, it’s 9 a.m., and the next real thing I’ve got to cover is at 6:30 p.m. Without an office it can be tough to figure out just what to do with myself, because I don’t even have a warm place to sip coffee.
Although I do sort of have an office—ask any WMCC student or employee and they can tell you where it is—it just is closed for the holiday.
So I guess my point is, get out and have some fun today while the weather and work allow it. I know a bunch of people out playing today, while I’m in a sweater and nice shirt typing against my steering wheel. Journalism is quirky and fantastic, but not for those easily riled.

And a quick update on Haiti: I have been trying to make connections, but it doesn’t look like I’m going right away. The ones I have made have not been sufficient for me to have confidence I could go safely. But I’m still working on it, and I may be able to make something happen in the coming weeks. Hopefully the scene there improves; it makes Somalia almost look like a vacation destination right now.

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