More than just a meeting

So I’m assuming everyone has seen that the public hearing for Laidlaw’s proposal is scheduled for mid-March. I’m getting geared up for lots of driving to Concord and back over the next several months. As I understand it there is a 240 day time-frame for this hearing, but at any time the SEC can hit pause to get all the information they want. That has resulted in some drawn out hearings in the past. I’m hoping things go a little quicker in this one; it’s a long way from Glen to Concord. Either way I guess I’m going to rack up the mileage reimbursements.

I’ve been sick for much of the last week with whatever has been going around. It’s basically taken away my voice, which makes it hard to do my job. I’m supposed to talk to people to find out what’s going on, but I can’t really say anything. And now I’ve got a black eye too from catching a chunk of ice in the face. I’m up in town today, going around talking to people, and I’ve already received a number of looks and had to explain myself several times. It’s not the most flattering look, believe me.

I’m going to something really exciting today: a meeting with a number of people from around the region working to create a new voice in the North Country. Normally when I go to meetings I’m not there to share my opinion; I just go to cover them, not to chime in. This one is different, and it could have a great benefit for the region. I’m really psyched to be taking part and maybe make something happen in the region.

I’ll keep you posted on it as things develop. In the meantime, if you see me, don’t be alarmed—I look a little worse for wear and my voice is raspy, but it’s a work day and I’ve got to get things done.

One thought on “More than just a meeting

  1. Erik, You bring up a good point that the Laidlaw hearing does stretch for 240 days. The misconception is that Berlin will have only one chance to be heard. Those who wish to be involved, however, can ask to intervene.

    Certainly there are many businesses, individuals and groups who are thinking of filing as an intervenor on the LLEG EFSEC case. If you weren’t aware, something to think about would be the fact that you can ask Laidlaw to produce anything relevant to the project as part of the “Discovery” process throughout the 240 day process.

    So, you could ask for all of the data regarding the financial transactions in NY and how Laidlaw reacquired the site as an example. All of their data and correspondence regarding wood supply studies as another example. A listing of all unpaid creditors – total debt as another example. The list is almost endless. I’m starting to put together my list and understand with the hundred of daily hits to this blog, as well as organizations such as The Sierra and AMC clubs, operating biomass facility employees, etc. this blog has become a great source for people and groups to connect.

    I believe this blog can also facilitate intervenor request suggestions if anyone has any requests they feel would be beneficial to ask Laidlaw. It’s good to know that information relative to past performance can also be brought to the forefront as it is an indication of what can be anticipated of future performance.

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