More Site Updates

I got a new photo management system  on here, and a new way to display MP3s. I also did additional revisions to the colors and layout that hopefully no one will notice. It’s all coming together nicely, and now I just need to upload more content.

With town meeting day coming up (not a big deal in Berlin, but in Gorham, Milan, Shelburne, Dummer and Errol, it matters) I’ve been minorly swamped. Plus all the SEC activity has kept me on my toes. I do feel, however, that LPJ needs to be maintained, and so I put in a few hours tonight. I know it wasn’t work on what’s most popular—the blog—but it has to be done sometimes.

Last bit of cleanup that has to happen: the header. The boom pier image is good, but it needs cleaning up. After that I can concentrate on getting more photos, videos and audio pieces up.

Just a brief update. Tomorrow I’m planning on braving the weather over the notch. We’ll see how that goes.

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