Budget Woes

By the way, while I’m giving quick updates, the city manager handed out the preliminary budget at Monday’s council meeting. It again tries to maintain a level budget for the third year. This year, however, it includes some cuts in services.

Two I’ll be looking more into are the elimination of $25,000 for a contract economic development director with Tri-County CAP, and the reduction of the fire department by two personnel. And the projections still don’t keep the budget completely flat. The school and police departments did not submit to council’s request for a flat budget, but even without their increases the tax rate will require a small increase.

But June is a long way away, and there are a number of discussions that will take place before then. So stay tuned, and check out the Reporter in coming weeks for more coverage of the 2011 budget.

I spent last night snuggled up in bed with a three ring binder full of line items. My job rocks.

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