SEC Speech

Update: Part two is now up. I’ll be uploading the full audio as well, since YouTube trimmed a bit off.

This is the first part of Mayor Grenier’s presentation. The second part is still making its way though my computer; processing HD video takes some time. I’ll get it up in a bit, so people who missed the meeting can see what was said. It caused a stir, so I’m hoping it’ll serve as reference for anyone who missed it.

Part One

Part Two

2 thoughts on “SEC Speech

  1. This speech was to appear representative of mayor and council. It was to stand alone on its own, without further statements made by other councilors or the mayor at the hearing speaking up voicing their concern. Two councilors and one mayor didn’t keep their end of the bargain. No reporters commented on this. How much are the reporters being paid not to speak. Nothing I’m sure, but please provide something meaningful as to why this situation isn’t being told by the the newspaper???????????????????????????????????????

    1. Jon —

      The Reporter comes out on Wednesday, and in it will be a story on several councilor’s objections to Mayor Grenier’s speech.

      Thanks for the comment.


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