Crisp Days, Level Nights

If you’ve been just looking at the photos in the recent blog posts without clicking on them, click on them now. I’ve been getting some great shots lately that I’m just disappointed I can’t tie in to anything to get them into the paper. The colors look dull in posts, but when they pop open they look great.

It was a crisp, cold day today, and the council finished the budget. Everyone got level funded, from the police and schools on down. There will be two fewer firefighters and two fewer public works employees. I get an interesting picture, because at the police department they complain about the council, and at council they complain about the police department. To hear each side tell it the other is railroading them.

Budgets are quirky. This one is thin. I’m scheduled to be at the Balsams for the Coös Symposium during the May 26th public hearing, but I may have to make a trip to Berlin for that. This has been hot lately, and I don’t want to miss where it goes. I wonder what cuts are going to matter to residents and how their comments will affect the council. I have a hard time believing support for expanded policing would cause many changes, but the school, fire and recreation departments may find themselves with some friends. It promises to be eventful from now until July first.

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