Or Tonight…

If you were listening to NHPR last night and didn’t hear my PSNH/CPD piece, it isn’t because you weren’t listening intently.

I had a computer meltdown and then a server issue that nearly caused me to throw my computer out the window. The large audio files I was using (new recorder) overwhelmed my editing program, and the final mix had large gaps in the sound. I raced to patch it together in time for All Things Considered last night, but it wasn’t happening.

So it’ll be on tonight. Luckily the only time reference in the story is to Friday, so one day late doesn’t matter.

It’s a shame though—with the limited time I had to tell the story I wasn’t able to get into the meat as much as I would like. It’s the same issue as the paper: stories are money, and companies and organizations only have so much money.

I have the sound, however, to tell the story a little more completely, although it may come out a little closer to 10 minutes (for NHPR it was three). I am thinking about mixing it together and throwing it up here, with more depth.

Anyway, it will be on tonight around 5:45, and then again tomorrow morning. I hope I didn’t mess anyone up by giving them the information a day early. But believe me, no one was more distraught than I.

5 thoughts on “Or Tonight…

  1. Erik,I read your story on NHPR good story. The only problem is your last statement,JOB’S will start as soon as construction starts, not TWO YEARS down the road.

  2. Misinformation again.

    Mr. Murray is misrepresenting the facts by stating that CPD has accused PSNH of a felony. CPD has filed a compliant with the PUC against PSNH, big difference from accusing of a felony. Shame on you Eric for not challenging that.

    Erik states that CPD has filed suit against PSNH, alleging unfair treatment for not agreeing to buy CPD’s power. I challenge him to produce paperwork to support that.

    Also, I believe Erik is incorrect in stating that CPD has not found a buyer. Perhaps they may have a buyer, but simply have not yet signed an agreement yet. Again big difference.

  3. Eric,

    You missed the part in your story where PSNH is clearly pulling the strings behind the scenes on the Laidlaw project and apparently has purchased political influence with Paul Grenier in their back pocket.

    Oh, don’t worry about it, Denis Rano made it clear in his cartoon today in the Berlin Daily Sun. His cartoon says more than your whole NPR piece, but at least you gave it an effort.

    Too bad your admiration of Paul has gotten in the way of you searching for the truth and providing real reporting. Corruption is taking place in the wide open and everybody just keeps going along with it here in Berlin. The North Country is a very strange place indeed with the local media in bed with the local dirty politicians it would seem. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Maybe someday somebody will stand up and say, “enough is enough!” but I’m not holding my breath. I cannot wait for Laidlaw/PSNH to take control of our downtown with their polluting, noisy mess of a biomass plant. Right after that will come the vast wasteland of clear cuts that will extend from Berlin to Lake Umbagog as they try to feed their monster in our downtown (all for 70 MW of electricity for Southern NH at 25% efficiency). The future of Berlin and the North Country has never been brighter thanks to Paul Grenier. He’s a genius. I wish we could all have his short sighted vision and ignorance. It would certainly make this nightmare that is happening right in front of us a lot easier to take. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

    1. Thanks for the comments all. I agree, the story did not get deep enough into the issue, in how PSNH’s decision affects Berlin, in how their decisions are impacting the market, and in the controversy between the two parties about the nature of the suit. Unfortunately, with three minutes to talk about it, I got in what I could. Hopefully it raises people’s awareness of the issue, although it certainly isn’t the entire story. I would have asked for 20 minutes to explain everything if I thought I could, but given I had three minutes I did what I could.

      On a related matter, Tim’s valid concern posted a valid concern on NHPR’s site. The script did call it a “suit.” I made the last minute edit when I noticed it, which was as I was recording it. I didn’t want to go on record calling it a “suit,” because, as Tim pointed out, it isn’t one. Unfortunately my on-air edit didn’t make it immediately onto the script that was posted online. If you listen to the story you’ll notice, however, I don’t refer to it as a suit. That’s an important distinction, one Tim was right to point out.

      Again, I would love to have had the chance to go into more detail, but time is money, and NHPR only has so much of both.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  4. Yesterday I attended the meeting in Littleton where the engineering firm KEMA made a presentation to the North Country Transmission Commission. Edith Tucker and Barbara Tetreault were there, so keep an eye open for their accounts of the meeting. I was shocked to learn that the whole study being paid by our taxes is based on numbers that KEMA termed “ASSUMPTIONS”. That’s right, we have a study underway to estimate the cost and suggestions as to who will pay for the upgrade to the Coos Loop based on “Somebody’s Assumption”/GUESS that there’s a need, how big the need is and the assumption that it will cost $150M. Instead of first determining what the potential may be for future electrical generation in Coos County, we’re ASSuming 400MW will take care of our needs and we’re ASSuming it will cost $150M, numbers I understand that were generated by PSNH who owns the Loop. In previous meetings held by the PUC, Ive heard estimates as high as $250M. Questions: How will the Quebec Hydro project impact our “assumptions”? How will the other new line heading east in Vermont impact our “assumptions”? Shouldn’t we base our decisions on something better than ASSUMPTIONS?

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