After a bunch of work between meetings today (I spent a long time waiting for calls back that never came) I pulled together a new banner for the website. It’s more generic, but clean.

I’ve got a couple freelance proposals out there that I’m hoping to take advantage of, so I’ve been trying to spruce up the site. I never fully finished it when I originally launched it, so now I’m trying to do that.

I’ve got a pitch in with a magazine to do a story on the Peru trip I have scheduled for August. A police officer asked if I was going to write something for the Reporter about it, but I just don’t see how I can make the connection.

For that pitch I updated my resume, which is up on the site as well. It’s important to be seen, I guess, when you’re telling companies you write.

Anyway, I’ve got 300 words to write about tonight’s council meeting, so I’ve got to get going on that. I love the weeks I totally botch my word count estimate for council. The agenda was short, but now I’ve got 1,000 words I’ve got to cram into a couple paragraphs. Awesome. It will go quickly, I imagine.

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