Adventure Time

Soon I’ll be rock climbing for Coös County. And biking. And canoeing, and hiking and more.

I’ve signed on to shoot photos and video for the New Hampshire Grand Initiative, to capture the adventure opportunities of Coös County for them to put on their Facebook page and elsewhere. They want to showcase the woods, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains and the adventure, so I’m going to head out there three days a month to capture it. It is less of an effort than the county needs, but it’s a start.

For the first two months I’ve planned the following:

  • Rock climb Mount Forist
  • Overnight at Grey Knob
  • Trail running in the Kilkenney Range
  • Cycling from Milan to Errol
  • Canoeing on Umbagog
  • Rock climbing or ice climbing in Huntington Ravine (depending on conditions)

Other thoughts for later this winter:

  • Cross country skiing Milan Hill State Park
  • Winter camping in Mahoosuc Notch
  • Mixed climbing in Shelburne
  • Ice climbing Dixville Notch
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Skiing at the Balsams
  • Bicycle touring around the county
  • Skiing on Mount Hale (secret backcountry powder stash…ssshhh, it’s in Coös County)

I don’t know the western part of the county nearly as well, so I’m open to suggestions. What’s a good adventure, something you’d like to see me toss myself into?

It’ll be fun and a great photo/video/multimedia project: trying to document all the outdoor adventure opportunities Coös County has to offer. Sometimes my work really isn’t bad.

2 thoughts on “Adventure Time

    1. There are many things of importance to Coös County’s future, Jon. I don’t focus on just one, but I won’t ignore it either.

      Thanks for commenting.


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