Thank You Jon

I don’t go into politics often, or national issues for that matter, but this has a connection to journalism.

Ever watch The Daily Show? I do, all the time. Jon Stewart has become the most trusted newsman on television by young American’s, and his sharp commentary is usually fantastic.

Tonight I watched this, the last Daily Show of the year. Start to finish it is a critique of the failure of the U.S. Government to provide for the 9/11 first responders. Stewart has been harping on this issue for days now, but this was the culmination of that criticism.

First, it makes me sad. I expect reporters to be pointing out injustices like this, and as Stewart points out, the media has been largely silent on this. That is a failure.

Second, it makes me angry. It’s had me thinking about going to New York and interviewing dying first responders to get their stories out. It is unconscionable that they are left hanging, and I find it hard to imagine people would let their representatives keep putting off action if they knew what was going on.

Third, it motivates me. Reporters have the bully pulpit. Even is the fractious media environment of today a powerful story can cut through and change things. These men and women deserve that kind of story right about now.

When Stewart tells former Governor Mike Huckabee it enrages him so much he muddles his words, I understand how he feels. There is no excuse for partisanship in this instance. Unfortunately that’s where America is right now. I only hope someone can tell this story well enough that the American people will not accept further delay. In my eyes, Stewart already has.

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