What Makes A Story

I had planned to go to Manchester today to interview some gentlemen about how Sudanese in the state are reacting to the referendum on the possible secession of southern Sudan. But my main point of contact canceled because he had to go to Boston.

Why? To register a bunch of Sudanese to vote in the referendum.

That would have been the best story of my career—a ride with a car full of Sudanese registering to voice their opinions on whether to form a new nation. But alas, my contact and I had only spoken over email, and I was unable to get him in time to tell him I wanted to go.

What makes a story? I’m learning more and more about what ingredients make something truly compelling. This sort of journey toward a new future is just the thing. It is exactly what makes for powerful storytelling, no matter the medium. There is uncertainty, a path, conflict and a moment of truth. It’s like it was built to be told.

And because I didn’t ask for a phone number, it won’t be.

Some days…

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