NYC Amidst the Mayhem

Unlike most people who were in New York City for the storm of 2010/2011, I got out just fine. But as we were wondering around the Museum of Modern Art (where I shot this photo), the snow was dumping outside. My wife kept going on about how wonderfully romantic it was to be in the city when it was snowing, but since I was under-dressed I was less enthusiastic.

The city always captivates me, however, because of how much it offers. I don’t think I could live there full time, but it’s a wonderful place to visit. And it’s a wonderful place to be trapped in a snowstorm.

Honestly, I don’t have anything significant to write about right now. I’ve got a post percolating around the challenged the city faces in the snow (and I’ve got photos to go along with it), but that isn’t what I’m doing now. Right now I’m just catching up and posting a few photos from before the storm really struck. Enjoy.

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