Back On Track

I posted on here a month or so ago that my contract with the New Hampshire Grand Initiative had hit a snag because they were worried about liability issues after watching my ice climbing video. Well, the good news is we were able to sort that out and I’ll be getting back to work. I’m already scheming new videos. I’ve had people send me a couple of their ideas via email, but I’d love to hear what other people would like to see.

I’m thinking about cross country skiing at the Balsams, or maybe Milan Hill State Park, and of course climbing Mount Washington. January is going to be light, because I’m going to be gone for three of the weekends in Iraq, but I’m hoping to squeeze out one or two pieces before I go. I’ve never been dog sledding, so I’d obviously love to do that, but figuring it in is a little more challenging than doing something autonomously.

But either way, I’m excited to be back to Grand Adventuring. It’s good fun for me, and hopefully if we can get it ramped up it will generate buzz for the North Country. See you out on the slopes (or cliff, or whatever else).

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