I’m officially on my way. I’ve left my house, so hopefully I’ve got everything I need. I grabbed a quick shot of myself, bulletproofed up with Mount Washington in the background, for NHPR. I have to admit, if I can make this happen in the long-term, coming home to northern New Hampshire while reporting from around the world, then I’ll have found the perfect lifestyle.

I’ve still got to get that soap, and I’ve got to make sure my luggage weighs less than 50 lbs., but otherwise I’m ready to go. And since I’ve left home for the last time before my feet hit sand I feel I’ve officially started the journey.

Now I just need to capture sound and shots along the way…

2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Dear Erik,
    I am Tee, your Uncle John’s wife. I think you are up for the adventure of your life and I hope it continues. You are very close to the town that I grew up in. Even though the destruction of war is way far away from where my family is, geographically you are about six hours away with a car.
    I believe the danger is much less nowadays than about couple of years ago. Still, watch your back, and have fun.
    It is an old land with history so vast and complicated; it boggles my mind even though I am from the area. I am so proud of you. I hope and wish that this trip is the start of bigger and better adventures. Take care f yourself. Aunt Tee

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