So I touched down in Baghdad an hour or so ago, thinking I was right on schedule to get my paperwork together and get my press ID. I called the press information center, and they thought I was flying to a different airport. I’m not exactly sure how that happened, because I was on the military plane they scheduled, but apparently that kind of mix-up happens. So now I’m sitting in an internet cafe (I can’t get the wireless on my laptop) waiting to call the press center back to see what I’m supposed to do next.

In the meantime, I have to say the C-130 I flew in on was an experience. Earplugs, bulletproof vest and helmet, lying on the seats made of one inch flat webbing. No window, no tray tables, minimal climate control. Enter through the rear bay door, and watch the landing gear go down through the little window.

I talked to another U.S. soldier who said he didn’t think there would be much of Iraq left if the U.S. leaves. That’s been the overwhelming opinion of the people I’ve talked to thus far. Not very encouraging, considering troops are scheduled to leave in one year.

OK, I’ve got to make a phone call or two to see if I’m sleeping in an airport or if I’ll find a bunk and some dinner. Wish me luck.

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