And the Next One…

I’ve been home for, um, a week and a half, and tonight I’m supposed to have a conversation with someone about my next international reporting trip.

This one is still a ways out, and the details are fuzzy, but it’s there. It has been great to get home, catch back up with friends and family, and to get into the routine of reporting on the local. Things have been crazy, exciting and busy even here, in the Conway area, with budget season and such.

The rest of the time I’m still hustling. I just had a piece in the Union Leader, and I’ve been trying to do a piece on Egypt but my timing was off. I’ve got a couple NHPR stories up my sleeve, but I don’t have the time to get them out right now.

It’s been jarring to get back here after the trip, but it’s exciting to have so much going on. I’ve been running in and out of the Sun office every day this week, with meetings, arraignments and events to cover. Let’s see how much longer it lasts before there’s another plane ticket on the horizon…

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