World Stage

A friend asked me if I’d like to partner up on a reporting trip to Afghanistan. I couldn’t help but say yes. We’re not looking anytime soon, but he’s got some interesting connections that would make it worthwhile.

I’ve been watching Egypt, Bahrain and Libya from afar ever since I got back from Iraq. Heck, I’ve been watching Iraq from afar since I got back from Iraq. I can’t help but think I could have stayed and worked my way through the Mideast and North Africa for some spectacular reporting opportunities.

I was glad to get home, but it’s a recharge session, not a retreat. I read this when I got home, it made me think about what’s next and how to do it. Moving fast and light through the stories of the world is tough. It’s always interesting to see how other people are doing it. It’s also interesting to consider how I would do it next time.

Maybe photo next time, instead of radio. Who knows, actually, it’s all reporting.

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