Out of Africa

After six days in captivity, four New York Times reporters are out of Libya. Their account is here, and it makes me think one thing: don’t get caught.

This is a story that has ebbed and flowed alongside the overall news coverage of Libya. The earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in Japan couldn’t have come at a better time for a strongman looking to reassert his power. It’s been interesting to see how these two stories have jockeyed for the limelight over the last week. But this part of the Libya story caught my eye. It’s hard to imagine a more frightening situation, one I’m working my way towards getting into. I’m just glad to see they’re out. Reporting has to happen in these conflicts, in order to squeeze a bit of humanity out of war. It’s sad when the referee gets hit.

Update: The newest story on the four New York Times reporters who were captured in Libya.

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