Not So Good

They found the body of 11-year-old Celina Cass in the Connecticut River. This story was far enough outside of my area that I only tangentially covered it, but it sent me rushing back to four months ago, when it was a 20-year-0ld mother authorities were fishing out of the river, and senior assistant attorney general Jane Young was avoiding my questions.

The Dittmeyer murder case is still awaiting formal charges, but today I worked on another part of the story. Recently there have been a number of unexplained unresponsive people around town. One of them wound up dying of a drug overdose. The person who found him was visiting a swimming hole with his family when he found the man frothing at the mouth.

These types of stories aren’t fun, but in picturesque communities like the Mount Washington Valley they need to be done. Spend the day in Jackson and it can be easy to forget what Washington Street in Conway looks like.

The same is true of the North Country. I love it up there, and I appreciate its beauty every time I visit, but there are ugly stories that come out of everywhere. Today’s ugly story is out of West Stewartstown. I’m glad it’s not on my front door, but its not far enough from my backyard for me to ignore. Maybe the next search will end better…

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