9/11 Early

Yesterday I interviewed a woman who was blocks away from the World Trade Center buildings when they were hit. An officemate found two men who were working in the Pentagon when it got hit. A week or so ago I interviewed a soldier who was awarded a medal for his actions in Afghanistan. We are planning what should be a fantastic September 11 issue, much of the coverage directly linked to what happened that day or what came from it.

On Marketplace last night, however, they covered what impacts the policy shifts after 9/11 wrought. It’s a subject worth delving into, even though it’s ephemeral. I’m interested to see how other major media outlets approach the subject. What will reflection bring? What will the ultimate legacy of 9/11 be? Someone on Marketplace compared it to how the previous generation viewed JFK’s assassination—everyone knows where they were when they heard what happened. Those stories are bound to come out. What I want to know is how we approach 9/11 going forward. Hopefully the national media has the clarity of vision to ask those questions going forward.

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