More Radio

It’s my last few days before I leave for a week of vacation in Colorado, and I’ve been cramming in as much work as possible. Today I pulled together three Conway Daily Sun stories (all bypass related, which is always interesting), finished an NHPR Hurricane Irene update and pulled my first gig for NPR. Not a story, but a technological trick called a tape sync. NPR reporter Howard Berkes interviewed a guy in Madison by phone while I sat there with my microphone in his face. Then I shipped the quality audio recording to Berkes, who can pull sound from it that won’t sound like a telephone call.

And on Tuesday I got to chat with a reporter at NHPR about a story idea about I-93 that I’m in no position to do. I can’t complain when I’m having so many ideas that I can’t even get to all of them. That’s a bit how it feels at work know, which I love. Every day is guaranteed to be fast-paced.

Throw in a little radio and I’m in heaven. Now I have to get to sleep so I can do it again tomorrow.

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