Presidential Week

This week G.O.P. contenders Buddy Roemer, John Huntsman and Mitt Romney are all scheduled to stop by the Sun. New Hampshire is fantastic around this time every four years. Roemer already came to the office once, and Mitt and I spoke on the phone the day he announced his candidacy. I couldn’t ask for better access.

Speaking of politics, I heard a great critique of the contentious state of Washington and the electorate while driving home this evening. It lays out the disconnect between the way voters vote and the takeaway for the opposition. Voters don’t give mandates was the gist of the story, they reject. But the opposition takes the rejection of the party in power as an endorsement of their platform. They shouldn’t.

As someone who enjoys the discussion, not just seeing one side or the other prevail, I thought this was an interesting insight. I don’t believe, however, that we’ve heard the end of politicians claiming a mandate.

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