The Failure Project

I woke this morning gripped by an idea. It seared its way into my mind and wouldn’t let go. It had me enough at 6 a.m. that I had to get up, put clothes on, go outside and say it into the camera. Maybe that was enough to push it forward, to catapult it into action. I’m not sure. But here it is:

I’ve fallen a lot in climbing. In life too. SOG is a place to be honest about those experiences. I can only reflect on my own life, the conversation within my own head, but there are so many more perspectives out there. Does everyone struggles with “the tyranny of success,” the spectre of failure? They must, I imagine, because even amidst our uniqueness we are all the same. I want to hear what others think. Time to pull out the camera and microphone.

M.W. prior to a “successful” trip.

On a separate but related note, yesterday three friends—Bayard, Michael and Elliot—returned home from Alaska. They were there for three weeks to attempt an unclimbed face on Mount Deborah. Temperatures hovered around 40 below zero, however, so they never made it on their objective. When I heard they were home, though, I didn’t care about “success” versus “failure,” I was just happy they were safe. For the entire time they were in Alaska their vissages hid in the back of my mind. I’m not sure I ever acknowledged it, but when I saw on Facebook that they were home a weight dropped from my shoulders and my heart. For a brief moment I was able to relax—one of the teams I care about had left the shooting gallery. Success? Failure? All I cared was they were alive.

Welcome home guys.

2 thoughts on “The Failure Project

  1. I live in no Conway in winter boat captain in bar harbor ln summer read your blog a lot. Like it alot may have some story’s

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