Three things. It might wind up being more.

  • Council was interesting tonight. The opposing sides really do bring out the best in both. Members disagree, but largely respectfully thus far, and there is a level of discussion that is intriguing. What’s more, for this first open meeting with the new council a number of people showed up and spoke. Actual civic participation! It’s great to see citizens engaged.
  • I hate newsprint, if for no other reason than there is a limited supply of it. I’d be happy to write enough to keep Fraser viable for another decade or so, but the news hole for the council meeting was only 500 words. I wrote just about the city seal discussion, which has been ongoing now for months, and I’m figuring out how to use the rest to make stories for next week.
  • I almost hit a moose on the way home. If I make it a year of late Monday nights without flattening my hood I’ll be surprised. The added bonuses of the North Country.

I could go on, but it’s late and I need to sleep. I’ve got a few things going on tomorrow that’ll have me around Berlin, and otherwise Wednesday I’ve got to figure out if I want to go to Concord for SEC deliberation. Too much going on for one reporter in this region; we sure could use more hands and more paper.

2 thoughts on “Quickly…

  1. Eric,

    I like the new header much better. Remimds me of Jericho Lake State Park

    I can’t help but notice your posts are for the most part avoiding investigative reportimg and asking the tough questions like your earlier posts.

    Is this your new style? I hope not, as your earlier writings really got to the meat and potatoes of the real issues, not like the “Bias Daily Sun” fluff. Site looks good though.

  2. Understood and agreed. The challenge of winter in the North Country really does affect how effectively I can get my ear to the ground, particularly without a home base in the city. Part of the challenge of working in a 21st century media environment I guess. I have got some interesting information recently that may turn into something, but I have to see how that goes. I’m looking forward to spring, when I can hang out in the downtown more; you’d be amazed what you hear when you’re in the community fairly often. Without it I feel a bit adrift, but I think that will subside. No one said winters in Berlin were easy.

    It’s weird, from October until recently I’ve felt off my stride. First it was all the election coverage, then the holidays, then vacation. I’m only now starting to feel like I’m getting my fingers back into the dirt, so to speak. With the main office elsewhere and the reporter afloat, it hasn’t generated the most conducive atmosphere to great stories. But I am getting it back, and I’ll see what I can do.

    Thanks for the comment. Constructive criticism always welcome.

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