Abdul Mateen
Mr. Mateen drums in the bistro.

I recorded this at WMCC today. Storyteller Abigail Jefferson and drummer Abdul Mateen came and gave exactly the kind of show the area needed, and this is a quick snippet I caught. It’s the story of Elizabeth Eckford, an African-American student who fought an unknowingly-solitary battle for integration in Little Rock, Ark., in 1957. She was supposed to be one of nine students going to the school, but the other eight students canceled and failed to reach her. It was a great story, and since I couldn’t put it on the Berlin Reporter Facebook page I thought I’d post it here. I didn’t catch the very start, but I got enough to showcase the story’s power. Enjoy.

Click here to play, right click to download.

I’ve got some video of other parts of the performance celebrating Black History Month that I’ll be putting on the Facebook page. Check it out if you get the chance.

This program was really spectacular. I hadn’t planned on going, but then my day freed up so I made it. I’m glad I did.

Update: Video too.

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