Weddings and Hurricanes

My sister got married on Saturday, and on Sunday my wife and I got stranded in Portland trying to make our way back home to New Hampshire during the tail end of Irene. Several rivers near our house flooded, knocking out all roads. We got the call and detoured to a friend’s house in Portland.

So I’ve been trying to shoot more photos lately, and I was excited for this weekend to be able to shoot my sister’s wedding. Little did I know how many photos I’d be able to take once I got home. The only problem has been all the reporting I need to do. Between major roads being closed and individuals losing everything they own I haven’t had much free time. I stayed out extra-late trying to talk to people whose homes got wrecked, but that turned out to be a bit of a bust. I did get to go into this woman’s house, but the man who let me didn’t let me take any pictures. He said it was his father-in-law’s girlfriend’s house. The water was up over her kitchen counter and already the place smelled like rot. I didn’t get to take any photos with me, but the smell was something I’ll hold onto.

So all I’ve got right now are wedding photos, so they are what I’m posting. Soon enough, however, I should be able to land some flood pictures, just as soon as I take a break from writing about it.

Full wedding photos here.

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