Four days into Irene coverage, Gov. John Lynch stopped by. It was the same day a presidential candidate stopped in, and the same day I decided to tour the area hit hardest by the storm, and a day after someone got killed by their own tractor.

Some days come faster than others.

A guy this morning was driving through Transville Acres, where numerous houses got flooded, dropping leaflets on cars destroyed in the flood saying he buys junk cars. He wasn’t trying to profit off other people’s loss, he said, but these people could probably use a couple hundred bucks.

One guy lost something like eight guitars. Another guy lost thousands of dollars in power tools. And Buddy Roemer couldn’t stop calling me “Virginia,” after he asked if I was from Texas and I said no, I was born in Charlottesville.

Days like this are few and far between, but it had me shooting photos, pushing a Harvard educated economist, former congressman and governor on trade policy, asking the governor what the state would do for these people and talking with a guy whose trailer got tossed like a horseshoe.

I love this job. Every day should be as good.

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