One More President

One more presidential hopeful, I should say. Or should I say two more? Wait, three. Nope, four.

That’s the kind of week it has been, and the kind of week it’s going to be. John Huntsman and Rick Santorum were in the office last week, Buddy Roemer is in tomorrow, and next week is Mitt Romney. I’m shooting video, uploading and writing as fast as I can, but I haven’t deluded myself into thinking I’m going to stay caught up.

I’m also due in court next week to challenge a refusal of a request for records under the state’s Right To Know law. And I’m doing an outdoor piece for an online magazine. Busy week.

But I just wanted to make sure everyone knew Rick Santorum is a nice guy. His politics have made him a controversial figure, but after more than an hour with him at the Sun I have to say he’s a super-likable and pleasant man. And he’d be fun to disagree with over the dinner table, because he seems to enjoy explaining his views without getting confrontational.

Now that isn’t an endorsement, however, but seeing as most people don’t get the kind of time we get I figure I ought to share some of the insights that won’t make it into the newspaper. His politics are very conservative, so he’ll only appeal to certain voters. Others will revile him for those same politics. But given a chance to bring a guy home to have an engaging (and spirited) conversation, I think thus far he’d be it. I’ll put the video of the interview up once I’m done so you can see what I mean. Some parts of my job are so cool.

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