Rick Santorum is an interesting guy. His politics are way to the right, and I doubt he could ever win a general election, but his beliefs come from his convictions. In a lot of ways he is similar to Ron Paul, except instead of religion being a minor influence on his policy positions they are the foundation for them.

After reading about Santorum and seeing him in debates I was skeptical he would be an engaging candidate, but his passion mimics charisma. After talking to him for an hour I got to feel like I liked him, if not his politics. On a personal level it’s funny how important that is. I think back to Primary Colors and other portrayals of Bill Clinton — it is that ability to connect that makes a politician.

I recorded the entire Santorum interview, from start to finish. There were a few choice cuts that I need to cull together, but first I put the whole piece up online. Check out the one below. If you’re short on time go about halfway in and watch to the end. It’s good to see the human side of these candidates, even if it’s a long shot they’ll ever be president.

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