I love Shagg Crag.

Temperatures today his 50 degrees, which for me meant it was time to posthole out to Shagg Crag and begin the sport climbing season. I’m heading to the Red River Gorge in a week for two weeks of sport-o action, and Shagg Crag is great training. It is also one of my favorite places to climb in the world.

I shot some video while I was there (unfortunately I only got on the warmup and one other route before space ran out on the card) today and edited it together tonight. (You may notice that I mess up the URL to my own blog at the end. Friggin’ blogspot!)

I can’t get over how good it felt to be clipping bolts and climbing in a tee-shirt after a long winter of trembling above ice pro. The last few routes we belayed in tee-shirts and climbed without them. SPRING IS HERE! Amen.


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